Moisture In Winter

Hair changes throughout the different seasons. Yes, even in sunny Florida.

Florida is relatively warm year round, but even slight changes in humidity or the lack there of can change your hair and how you manage it.

Here are a few things you can do at home when the temperatures start to drop:

  1. Commit to using Oribe Masque for deeper conditioning once a week
  2. Come in salon for a Brazilian Demi treatment (20 min under heat & hair transformed)
  3. Shampoo less to reduce dry scalp, dry shampoo more
  4. Use a leave in conditioner like Oribe’s Supershine to combat static
  5. Don’t go outside with damp hair or else run the risk of breakage and color fading
  6. Cut down heat styling
  7. Use Gold lust oil as overnight serum
  8. Go darker for fall (hair color)
  9. Stay hydrated! One hair strand is made up of 25% water. Ever notice your skin not so glowy when you haven’t drank enough water? Same goes for hair.
  10. Incorporate Oribe Hydration Power Drops into hair routine. Simply add 3-5 drops into any leave in product and spread thru damp hair.

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