Why Do I Need A Gloss Treatment?

Imagine it as a top coat for your nails. It Adds ton of shine, high conditioning. Enhances hair natural shine and revitalizes tone. Makes blondes brighter, reds deeper, and brunettes richer. Option to do just a clear gloss to strictly add shine! Redken shades eq is what we use. Blend your blonde highlights to go in between appts. (Shadow gloss)

Unfortunately, haircolor can only last so long on your strands before it begins to fade. Using a hair gloss is the perfect way to refresh dulling haircolor. Once applied to the hair, the gloss perfects, tones, and color-corrects any haircolor imperfections that have occurred since your last visit. Say good-bye to any faded ends and dull looking strands. With Redken Shades EQ gloss you can transform your haircolor in 20 minutes or less.

Hair glosses are like an Instagram filter, IRL. They help to add vibrancy and shine to your hair no matter what your lighting situation is. As the Shades EQ formula is crafted without drying ammonia, your stylist can color your hair without worrying about it losing its natural shine. One of the main benefits of a gloss is that it works by closing the cuticle of the hair and creating a smooth surface for light to reflect off of. Basically, it puts a spotlight on your strands and ramps up the overall vivacity of your hair.

As with any color service, hair glosses raise the cuticle to deposit a small amount of color on the hair. When the cuticle is lifted, volume and texture are created, which gives the hair a bit more manageability when styling. After a hair gloss service, you’ll notice that your strands appear plumper and are easier to style.

Rinse with cold water to keep shine locked in.