COVID-19 Update

BT on the BLVD wants you to know we care about all of you, your family, and your safety. It is always our priority. It is also always the priority for our team as well. 

            What All of us Always Do as a Team        

We are constantly cleaning and disinfecting everything, especially frequently touched areas of the salon. We clean everything after each guest leaves and have always had a strict policy of doing so in place.

Our industry cleaning supplies, such as Barbicide, are in line with CDC recommendations, and more powerful than typical residential cleaners. We got this!

You may choose to wash your hands upon arrival in our bar area or bathroom.

We are asking anyone who doesn’t feel well to refrain from visiting at this time.

We are keeping a positive, hopeful environment at BT on the Blvd so everyone feels welcome and right at home! We always use common sense and are taking this day by day to ensure a fabulous environment for our team, guests, and community.

Please feel free to ask any questions at any time…We are here for you!