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Serene Scalp Oil Control

The Serene Scalp Oil Control collection was created to reduce sebum and promote a healthy scalp microbiome for those with an oily scalp. The collection includes Oil Control Shampoo, Oil Control Treatment Mist and Dry Shampoo Powder, designed to leave hair looking and feeling clean and lightweight for longer than ever. Natural extracts and hydromineral green clay absorb excess oil and rebalance the scalp while protecting from environmental pollutants. Embrace your serenity.

Oil Control Shampoo

Extend time (and serenity) between washes. This purifying shampoo gently cleanses, using a blend of green marine algae and a sugar-derived prebiotic to reduce and control oil while rebalancing scalp’s microbiome.

Oil Control Treatment

Prolong the pause between washes with this scalp mattifying mist. Green marine algae and a sugar-derived prebiotic control sebum to balance and support a healthy scalp microbiome while protecting against environmental pollutants.

Serenity achieved.

Oil Control Dry Shampoo

Extend time between washes and reset your scalp. Our ultra-absorbing, silkening dry shampoo powder mattifies the scalp and reduces excess sebum.

A specialty starch blend and kaolin clay absorb oil, dirt and product buildup while mango leaf extract helps support a healthy scalp microbiome.